Monday, March 8, 2010

Last Day

Well, Little Cash is 6 days late today. I have been hoping every day that "today would be the day", but alas, nothing. I am scheduled for induction tomorrow at 5am. I am a little sad, because we won't get to have that "OMG its time!" moment. I feel like my cervix is failing me by not dilating, and I'm nervous about bringing home a baby!

So today is officially my last day of being pregnant. I didn't think I would be sad since I have been so miserable this whole pregnancy, but I actually am a little. Not enough to do it again, or even cancel the induction, but enough that I am going to try to stop and smell the flowers (or donuts) today.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Well, today is the official due date. I swear everyone is looking at me like something magical is supposed to happen. A unicorn will appear, and declare it to be Cash's birthday, and then fireworks will come out of my vagina, and a dozen leprechauns will carry the dear child out on a bed of diamonds while fairies hand out ambrosia to everyone.

Or, I will sit here in misery from the heartburn and pee 1,289 times until my doctor's appointment at 4pm, where she will tell me my cervix is still closed up tighter than a clam and the baby is still not engaged and maybe we should look into induction next week.

Nothing magical about that.